“Walltherapies” with a heart on Sundays of Wall of Kindness

“Walltherapies” (aka Toixotherapies) were realized every Sunday afternoon at 18:00 from January to May 2021. “Toixotherapies” concerned 20 free, open and interactive meetings, via Zoom platform supported by various scientists-speakers and different agenda on each event. They kept us great company, counting more than 1000 participations from all over Greece and abroad. A total of 23 exquisite volunteers-speakers presented topics that were about our mental health, empowerment and self-awareness. Indicatively, we shared our feelings, concerns and thoughts with: Antonis Kalogirou, Stefanos Ksenakis, Dimitris Flamouris, Apostolis Koumarinos, Nancy Mallerou, Lisa Varbogli and many more distinguished scientists of various specialties.

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