Become a Godfather VI

For the sixth year and for the third year in a row, our campaign has gone national thanks to the unprecedented and extremely moving response of the Godfathers of Kindness. A total of 500 children from: The Smile of the Child, the 5 Social Services of Drama (Doxato, Nefrokopi, Prosotsani, Paranesti and Drama) and the Child Protection Centers of Drama and Kavala received the Easter gift they’ve wished for from the anonymous Godfathers of Kindness.

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With the light of the heart IV

For the 4th year in a row, our association organised the Easter campaign "Have light in your heart". Once again our handmade Easter collection was created by the volunteers of the Creativity Department, consisting of: a) 26 scented candles for children and adults in special gift boxes, b) lanterns made of wood and decorated with beautiful materials for our little friends and c) cloth bags and glass jars with handmade butter cookies decorated with Easter sugarpaste designs. By choosing an Easter gift from our collection, you will bring joy to a loved one. At the same time, you will help someone in need and support the work of our association.

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Spreading Happiness

The day of 17th February was a wonderful continuation of the celebration of the eighth birthday and the action of our association on February 10 at the Municipal Conservatory in company with Mr. Mario Mazari and Mrs. Georgia Salmon! In the gem of Drama, at Agia Varvara Springs, a 100-meter colorful and cheerful canvas, crafted with love, was spread over the 400 vest tops painted by everyone, young and old, during our birthday event! In this way, the message of hope for the Children of the "Floga" and solidarity for the whole world was spread, starting from Drama and reaching thousands of kilometers away!

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An amazing night - 8th Birthday of Wall of Kindness

On Saturday, February 10, 2024, the event "Spreading Happiness" took place on the 8a our association’s birthday. In the crowded hall of the Municipal Conservatory of Drama more than 500 people of different ages along with our two guests, the educational Mr. Mario Mazari from Athens and Ms. Georgia Solomou from Cyprus imprinted thoughts and feelings on their vest tops and together we became pieces of the puzzle of kindness!

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«From child to child V»

This year, and for the past 5 consecutive years, our Association organized the Panhellenic action "From child to child", which was embraced by all of you. The collection of school supplies took place in 20 different locations all over Greece and, as happened in previous years -“Chains of love”-, people’s support was equally great and touching. More specifically, were collected 250 school bags and 40 boxes, with countless new school supplies, which were distributed to more than 600 students of all ages. The agencies and services we collaborated with, where the school supplies were distributed from, are the Social Services of the prefecture of Drama (municipality of: Drama, Doxato, Kato Nevrokopi, Paranesti, Prosotsani), the Child Protection Branch of Drama, the Child Protection Branch of Kavala, the Association of Friends of People with Disabilities (PwD) of Soufli and Region “Nima Zois” (“Yarn of Life”), the Association of Parents & Friends of Autistic People of Evros Prefecture “Agios Vasileios”, the Greek Children's Village in Filiro, the Centers for Child and Family Support in: Komotini, Sapes, and in Mytilene, and the Children's Asylum.

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With the light of the heart III

For the 3rd consecutive year, our Association organizes the Easter event "With the light of the heart III". The volunteers of our Association, with a sense of creativity, have put up this year's handmade Easter collection, which consists of: A) Handmade scented candles in 20 different designs for children and adults, in special gift packaging. B) Wooden lanterns decorated with beautiful ornaments for our little friends, which can be addressed to the recipient’s name. C) Fabric bags with handcrafted butter cookies, made of small batch produce ingredients, decorated with Easter patterns of sugar paste, and with the possibility to write a wish or the recipient's name on it! By choosing to buy and gift an item from our handmade Easter collection, you are making someone loved, happy, while you are helping a fellow human being in need and supporting our Association.

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7th Birthday of Wall of Kindness

On the occasion of the 7th birthday of our Association on February 8 2023, we organized for the fourth time the original action "Share Love", which this year acquired a nationwide reach. More specifically, on the day of our Association's birthday, 1777 handmade bracelets, made of ecological materials with a wooden heart, and 1777 greeting cards, were distributed to guests and patients of a total of 15 elderly care units, psychiatric clinics and rehabilitation centers in Drama, Koropi, Thessaloniki, Komotini, Kavala, Karditsa, Veria, Larissa and Patras. Our main goal was to share love, to celebrate together and to demonstrate in practice and in a symbolic way that we support our fellow human beings who are in the specific units.

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