Become a Godparent III

In accordance with all the safety measures concerning public health during the pandemic of Covid-19, 100 children from our prefecture received a gift of their desire, with lots of love, from their secret “godparents”. This year the action was realized in collaboration with the five Social Services of the municipality of Drama, with the valuable contribution of which , the lists with the real wishes of the children in need were composed, under all circumstances respecting one of our four principles: anonymity. Afterwards, the godparents of kindness bought the items, we gathered them all and then distributed to the children.

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“With the light of the heart”

The volunteers of our Association, with their creative mood and a spirit of contribution, prepared for one more year our Easter collection named: “with the light of the heart”. Easter handmade scented candles and glass jars stuffed with chocolates, were available to be distributed via donations in order to success our main purpose: offering humanitarian help.

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Concentration of Humanitarian Aid for the earthquake victims of the municipality of Elassona

Thanks to the immediate response and participation of our fellow human beings, we gathered humanitarian aid for the earthquake victims of the municipality of Elassona. Our Association in collaboration with the “Elassonites Volunteers Active Citizens” association and the “1st Scout System of Ampelonas” kept track of realistic needs of the victims and afterwards, with the help of these teams, they distributed the products. Indicatively, one hundred thirty-seven (137) boxes were collected and sent, including necessities, long-lasting food, cleaners, school supplies, toys and various bedding goods, sharing love to our affected fellow human beings.

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Share the Love III

When we celebrate on the Wall of Kindness, we… share more amounts of love! This year, on the 8th of February, we celebrated our 5th birthday! Starting from that, we crafted and distributed randomly 5000 handmade roses to 5000 cars of our city, motivating the receivers to hand them to a beloved person, creating in this way a quite special love chain. In this great kind of “party” we celebrated our 5 years of noiseless offering, voluntary actions, selflessness and solidarity with all our fellow co-citizens from our beautiful city, in a special and prototypical way that absolutely suits with the principles of our association!

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Action aiming at raising humanitarian aid for the flood victims in Karditsa

Action aiming at raising humanitarian aid for the flood victims in Karditsa. A total of 111 boxes filled with various cleaning products,items of personal hygiene, school supplies, food and household equipment and 1440 mineral water bottles were gathered and distributed to these people from our voluntary teams “Act for Karditsa” and “The Wall of Love Karditsa”!

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“The Wall close to the students”

“The Wall close to the students”, had as primary goal to provide equipment to the students with no access to distance learning. Our ambiton was to help every children so that they can have access to the so-called “distance learning’ and not be cut off from the school’s community and the educational process. The “Wall’s” appeal for collection and donation of tablets, laptops or desktops in good condition, encountered your immediate and generous correspondence and the outcome was moving. Result: A total of 20 computers (17 desktops and 3 netbooks) were gathered and shared to students of many ages!

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“Be a godfather II”

A total of 130 children of our prefecture (in Drama, Nevrokopi, Ftelia, Kalampaki, Mikrochori, Kyrgia, Agios Athanasios, Adriani, Katafyto, Lefkogia, Chrysokefalo, Ochiro, Vathytopos, Potamous, Achladia, Mikroklisoura, Petroussa, Fotolivos, Grammeni, Mikropoli, Kokkinogia, Sitagrous, Doxato, Prosotsani, Xiropotamos, Paranesti and Vrodou) have received the gift of their preference from their “godfathers”.

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