“Be a godfather II”

A total of 130 children of our prefecture (in Drama, Nevrokopi, Ftelia, Kalampaki, Mikrochori, Kyrgia, Agios Athanasios, Adriani, Katafyto, Lefkogia, Chrysokefalo, Ochiro, Vathytopos, Potamous, Achladia, Mikroklisoura, Petroussa, Fotolivos, Grammeni, Mikropoli, Kokkinogia, Sitagrous, Doxato, Prosotsani, Xiropotamos, Paranesti and Vrodou) have received the gift of their preference from their “godfathers”.

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Donation of medical equipment

Request for financial support in order to purchase medical equipment. Result: the amount of 2.440,89 Euros was gathered and more specifically, the following were purchased and delivered: to the General Hospital of Drama - 2.500 surgical gloves - 2.500 short disposable shoe covers - 44 full-body medical protective suits - 1 tablet - 1 smart screen - 10 sterile surgical aprons - 100 surgical caps - 30 professional face shields to the Health Center of Drama - 1.000 surgical gloves to the Health Center of Prosotsani - 1.000 surgical gloves to the Health Center of Nevrokopi - 1.000 surgical gloves to the Health Center of Paranesti - 1.000 surgical gloves to the University General Hospital of Thessaloniki AHEPA - 1 Heat Block for the Microbiological Laboratory of the hospital, which serves as a tool for the identification process of SARS-CoV-2. to the University General Hospital of Alexandroupoli - 77 high protection masks for the Intensive Care Unit

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“For your rose”

“For your rose”; Gathering of 2.856 books sent from all over Greece and therefore distribution to every school of Primary and Secondary Education in the city (Nursery schools, Primary schools, Junior High schools, Senior High schools), as well as to children of poor families.

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